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CBD isolate, also known as CBD Powder and CBD Crystals are just one of the many CBD products that are available online and local dispensaries.  CBD isolate is used for a variety of reasons and it is not a lab-made or synthetic cannabinoid. It is an all-natural product that is extracted from an organic hemp plant and eventually refined to incredible purity levels.  Pure Kind Botanicals is a leader in this extraction process and our CBD isolate levels reach higher than 99% purity. 

How To Take CBD Isolate

There are many different ways to take CBD isolate as it can be added and/or blended into pretty much anything.  There are however three very popular ways on how to consume CBD from isolate form. The top three ways are:

  • Topically – For topical application, CBD can be mixed and blended with various carrier oils and creams. CBD Topicals are basically CBD skin care products that are generously applied to the skin.
  • Foods & Edibles – For CBD edibles, the isolate can be mixed with coconut or olive oil, which can be used to cook with.
  • Inhalation –  CBD isolates can also be smoked through a process called, “dabbing” and this is the quickest way for a user to obtain the benefits of CBD.

Shipping, including insurance, is arranged via the US Postal Service and is available to all 50 states. If you are near Fort Lupton, Colorado and prefer not to wait for shipping, you can stop by and pick up your purchase. Retailers interested in wholesale pricing should contact us for more information. Collaborations with other companies and individuals are always welcome.

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